How Oral Testing Works


Most people assume that blood is involved in HIV testing. But with OraQuick® an oral swab is used for testing and requires no blood. By collecting oral fluid from your gums, you collect fluid similar to that used in blood testing.

So the OraQuick Test detects antibodies for HIV, not the virus itself.

You just gently swipe the test swab along your upper gums once and your lower gums once. Then you insert the swab inside the test tube provided and get your results in just 20 minutes.

HIV antibodies from oral fluid are collected through the swab.
Once the device is inserted in to the test tube, the oral fluid mixes with the liquid and travels up the test stick.
If C-Line turns dark it confirms the test is working properly. If no C-Line appears, the test is not working.

If only C-Line appears, the test is negative.
HIV antibodies collecting at the T-Line indicate the test is positive.

Safe and approved by the FDA for use by adults (17 years of age or older), OraQuick is the first and only HIV test that delivers your results with all the comforts and privacy of home.